By Lindsey Boughter

Inbound Marketing Tips

How to Slay Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are my kryptonite. I imagine myself in an epic battle with an email—I have it in a chokehold, writing the final thoughts, then wrestling it to the ground with brute strength as I put the final touches on a call-to-action. The email pulls a hunk of kryptonite out of its pocket. It laughs, menacingly. I feel myself getting weaker, struggling, softening. My fingers tremble, my brain shuts down and I slip into unconsciousness as the subject line remains incomplete.

Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic, and maybe I’m not Superman (or am I?). But subject lines are challenging to create and a crucial part of your email. In fact, 35% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone, and 69% of recipients report email as spam based on subject line alone.

By Tony Narisi

Inbound Marketing

Why You Should Implement Interactive Forms in Your Marketing

In 2015, Zenni Optical, an online eyeglasses retailer, launched a quiz called “You’ve Been Framed” with the help of Internet Marketing, Inc. Within six months, the quiz had generated 29,410 leads, over $1 million in revenue, and had a 9655% return on investment. Two years later, as I write this post, the quiz has been taken over 807,000 times and that number continues to rise. This is just one of many excellent examples of how powerful and effective interactive content can be for a business.

Interactive content is so successful because, as SnapApp puts it in their Introduction to Interactive Marketing, people “have a natural desire to assess, compete, compare themselves, share their opinions, and win.”

By Courtney Feairheller

website design

4 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

When lead generation and conversion rates suffer, us marketers typically look to our content, SEO or marketing strategy. But what about your website design?

Website design plays a critical role in the continued success and survival of your business. But it often gets lost in all the social media/email/content/SEO/video marketing hullabaloo.

By Lindsey Boughter

The Missing Ingredients to a Kick A** Company Culture

Imagine being jazzed about your career. I mean, really jazzed. Not quite jazz-hands-level jazzed, but jazzed where you’re excited to go to work every day, hang out with some of the best people you know and do a job you’re downright crazy about.

By Courtney Feairheller

Content Creation

How to Stay Motivated & Write Compelling Content Every Day

Writing is never easy. Writing original, compelling and thought-provoking content every day - that’s even more challenging.

But, if you’re an email, social media and content marketer like myself, writing isn’t optional. You need to write, and you need to write often. Emails, social media, white papers, guides, blogs…you have to keep up a steady stream of writing to stay competitive in a fast-paced atmosphere.