By Jenna Enright

3 Ways Pinterest Can Improve Your B2B Marketing Results

Remember, 2 weeks ago, when I told you I’m obsessed with Pinterest and that you hadn’t heard the last from me on the subject? Well, I’m back.

Last time, I did a quick overview of the myriad ways businesses can use Pinterest for B2C marketing. Today, I want to move the conversation to B2B.

I know, I know, Pinterest is a scrapbooking site meant for the causal web browser, crafter, and wedding planner, right?

WRONG! Didn’t you pay attention to my last blog on this topic?

By Jenna Enright

company culture

8 Ways to Practice Mental Wellness at Work

Tuesday, October 10th was World Mental Health Day, run by the World Federation for Mental Health. This day of spreading awareness for mental health was founded in 1992, and this year, the day’s focus was on mental health in the workplace. The goal is to wipe out the stigma of discussing mental health at work and the widespread belief that mental illness is just an excuse for laziness on the job.

By Jenna Enright

Inbound Marketing

Why We Love Pinterest for Business (And You Should, Too!)

Pinterest has a bit of a reputation for being rife with complicated DIY craft projects you’ll inevitably fail to recreate (and then post on Twitter). Or, it’s known as somewhere women can plan their dream weddings. Or, mothers can gather ideas for time-consuming healthy meal recipes they’ll never actually get around to making.

Well, here’s the reality: Pinterest is so much more than a DIY-dreamer’s platform. It’s a force to be reckoned with as a tool for bold and effective inbound marketing.

Notable brands such as Etsy, Bank of America, Nordstrom, and Lowe's have increased conversion rates using Pinterest as part of their marketing campaigns. And I’m here to tell you that you can do this too!

By Jenna Enright

Inbound Marketing Content Creation

5 Content Marketing Elements Even More Important than Writing

Okay, my fellow wordsmiths, we need to admit that writing is overrated. Yes, I know, I hate to say it too. As a content writer, of course I want my job to be the most important part. But the truth is, writing is a small cog in the content creation machine.

Sometimes, we forget that other inbound marketing elements can speak too (and dare I say, their voice is just as, if not more, important??).