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The Millennials Are Here, What Now?


Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in 2015, known to some as yesteryear or the olden days. But alas, we're resurfacing this topic because millennials continue to add incredibly complex and exciting dynamics to the workforce and consumer population, and any business who hopes to attract millennial talent or customers must devote some strategic brainpower to how their website and marketing strategy appeals to this massive segment of the population.

To sell to any audience, you first need to understand them. Analyzing how they think, act and purchase is only one piece of the puzzle to finding new opportunities for engagement. This is especially true when targeting millennials.

Over the last few years, millennials have proudly driven consumer demand and their purchasing power has become undeniably prominent. As a business looking to reach this audience, it’s necessary to evaluate this generation and develop the appropriate strategies.

These 18-32 year olds want their intelligence respected and their minds inspired. They identify with brands in a novel and emotional way. It’s not about the business, it’s about how the business affects the buyer persona.  A website and/or online experience must accommodate a millennial’s high-tech lifestyle with a user-friendly and responsive design, but must also speak authentically to their values, pain points and needs.

To help our readers understand how they can attract and convert millennials, we sat down with one of our Lead Web Designers , Lauren (a millennial by the way!) to get her input on what a millennial-friendly website should include. 


Follow these 10 website design tips to not only reach a new generation, but also reach more mature generations who are quickly adapting to the constant and never-ending advances in technology. We understand that you might have more questions about ensuring your website is “millennial-friendly” and we are here to help. Simply schedule a consultation and we can evaluate your website design and messaging.

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Tip #1: Give them what they want and give it to them quickly. If you don’t, they will become frustrated and take their business elsewhere.

Tip #2: Popular to contrary belief, millennials willingly go out of their way to obtain new information on the Internet. They want to learn and absorb new knowledge, so be sure you have plenty of how-to posts, forums, learning from others experience, etc.

Tip #3: Make sure your information can be easily located, with a clear path of information. Trust us, you don’t want to make it complicated for this group to have to dig through your site (or even scroll to the bottom!) to get your blog page.

Tip #4: Your standard “contact us” page that includes a phone number isn’t going to get the phones ringing. Millennials’ preferred method of communication is not the phone. They want to educate themselves on your company and then connect digitally, so list your company’s email address (or better yet, actual employees’ email addresses) or include forms on multiple pages. Note: Use a lead generation form that will capture real time information about site visitors and what they are most interested in.

Tip #5: It’s time to throw traditional design and “templates” out the window. It’s time for innovation and a design that gets the job done faster and will grow with your business.

Tip #6: Include incentives to buy on the homepage. Millennials are thrifty, LOVE a good bargain and are known to negotiate and barter with the best of 'em. Seeing a promotion, coupon, discount, limited time sale will immediately grab their attention.

Tip #7: Include social media icons that are noticeable within the first few seconds of looking at your site. This group loves to check businesses out on social media and see what others are talking about, so make it easy for them to connect.

Tip #8: Millennials are visually literate. It’s not about the words, it’s about how the words look. Include bullets, number points, bold headlines, etc.

Tip #9: Find the balance between friendly and professional. You still want it to look appealing to other generations depending on your offerings.

Tip #10: Include a “Meet Our Team” section with actual images and a bio of your employees. Millennials want to be able to relate and know they are talking to real human beings.

Hopefully your website scores As across the board for the 10 areas we identified. If it doesn't, there's a solid chance you're missing out on opportunities from millennial age propsects, customers and website visitors. Stratus loves the energy and possibilities millennials bring to the modern business world and we can help you design a website that harnesses the potential they possess! 


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