Remember, 2 weeks ago, when I told you I’m obsessed with Pinterest and that you hadn’t heard the last from me on the subject? Well, I’m back.

Last time, I did a quick overview of the myriad ways businesses can use Pinterest for B2C marketing. Today, I want to move the conversation to B2B.

I know, I know, Pinterest is a scrapbooking site meant for the causal web browser, crafter, and wedding planner, right?

WRONG! Didn’t you pay attention to my last blog on this topic?
shutterstock_414262744.jpgPinterest is a great tool for all businesses, B2B included, but only ¼ of B2B businesses report using it. There’s a crazy belief that you have to be selling jewelry or flowers to take advantage of Pinterest and its visual user interface. But the truth is, any business can reap the benefits.

Social media is a visual space, and internet users respond well to visual experiences. Research has actually shown that information presented with a visual component is much stickier than information without.

You’re already generating strong visuals for your website, blogs, and offers, so why not get the most of it by promoting it on a Pinterest board?

Below are 3 quick tips for joining the Pinterest game as a B2B company.

1) Show Off Your Work

Pinterest, which is so much more than a scrapbooking site, is designed with scrapbooking in mind. This means that users can organize their pins into something called “boards.” Think of it like a bulletin board. has compiled an extensive list of all the ways B2B companies can use Pinterest boards to promote their business that I recommend checking out.

For example, you can promote your blogs.Pinterest Blog - 1-317283-edited.pngAbove is a screenshot of a writing portfolio I put together with all the blogs I’ve written for Stratus Interactive up to this point. I’ll remind you here that we’re a B2B company.

I have the Pinterest browser button installed on my computer, so all I had to do was hover my mouse over the blog’s featured image, click “Save”, and then select a board. Now I have a visually compelling collection of all my work that anyone on Pinterest can view. If they click on the pin, they will be redirected to the Stratus Interactive Blog, which increases website traffic and the potential for new leads.

You can do the same with other resources and content offers like:

  • eBooks
  • White pages
  • Case studies
  • Infographics

Or any other asset that showcases your business’s portfolio.

2) Show Off Your Ideas

We already know that 88% of pinners say that they find new ideas on Pinterest. Why can’t this be the case for B2B too?

Pinterest is an effective tool for showing off your offers and guides to help your leads along all stages of the buyer’s journey.Pinterest Blog - 2-284097-edited.pngAbove is a board with 3 guides we offer on our website. We have an entire page of the website devoted to these how-to guides, designed to help our clients get ahead in the field of inbound marketing.

The images designed by our talented graphic design team work beautifully when displayed on a Pinterest Board. A board like this can act as an extension of your website that has the added bonus of being discoverable by any of the nearly 200 million monthly Pinterest users.

Better yet, the link for each pin takes the lead to a landing page where they must enter their information to receive the guide, converting them to a new lead.

To ensure you’re getting the most lead-gen juice possible from this tactic, always be sure to include a CTA in either your image or your linked content.

3) Show Off Your Company Culture

Pinterest is an absolutely perfect place to highlight what your company’s all about! Create a board to showcase your awards that links back to any number of landing pages — like sign up or subscribe to your company’s blog, request a consultations, learn about a product or service, etc.

Or, you can show off the team that makes the magic happen.Pinterest Blog - 3-299448-edited.pngAbove is a board with some of our employees. The images link back to each of their bios, increasing website traffic and engagement.

Another idea is to create a board of candid photos around the office or your favorite quotes that inspire your company’s work. This is a transparent mechanism for showing your potential clients exactly who they’ll be partnering with.

B2B doesn’t have to be all black-and-white, 3-piece suits, and board rooms. It can be bold and colorful and visually stunning (and appealing!). Pinterest is a beautiful tool for displaying all your company has to offer in services, products, ideas and personality.

If you need more inspiration, check out these companies that are doing Pinterest for B2B right:


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Jenna Enright

Jenna is a content writer at Stratus Interactive and is currently a graduate student studying for her M.A. in professional writing at Chatham University. She started blogging as an angsty high schooler and wrote and developed a blog as her capstone project for her undergraduate degree in English. Now she gets to do it as a job! See all Jenna Enright's posts.