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It happens to the best of us. You pour a cup of coffee, settle down into your chair, your fingers poised and ready to strike the keys and nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. You draw a complete blank.

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Consistently blogging isn’t easy. Thinking of fresh, new and unique blog ideas all year long can take a toll on even the most experienced and prolific writers. If your idea fountain has run dry, we’re sharing 5 tips to help you get unstuck when you’re fresh out of blogging ideas.

1) Listen to social media chatter

One-third of the world uses social media platforms regularly. Tap into this invaluable resource and see what your potential customers are talking and posting about on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or you name it.

Do they have wearable tech on the mind? Virtual reality? Game of Thrones? (I know I do all the time.) Keep a pulse on the latest trends and hot topics discussed on social media and share blogs that illuminate a new and yet-to-be-discovered side of this subject. No one wants to read the same old blog post they’ve seen on millions of other sites already.

2) Target highly effective keywords

Google’s Keyword Tool lets you know what keywords, keyword phrases and questions your prospects and customers are searching for. Build a list of keywords that might work and plug them into the tool.

Try to focus on high volume, low competition keywords. You’ll have the best chance of ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) for these keywords. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of keywords, all that’s left is to write a blog post that uses this keyword or answers the question your potential customers are searching for.

Remember never to write a keyword heavy post that sacrifices user experience. Focus on writing a blog that both search engines and readers will love, a post written on a relevant topic with the keyword naturally integrated throughout.

3) Get ideas from competitors

Keep an eye on your competition and see what they’re writing about. You can stay up-to-date on their new blog posts by using a feed reader (our favorite is Feedly). Are they blogging about a new and unexplored niche that you have yet to write about? Do they publish a weekly or monthly series that could inspire your own writing?

Don’t be afraid to learn from their blog ideas. But, at the same time, never write the exact same blog. If you’re reading their blogs, you can bet many of your blog subscribers are too.

Take their blogging ideas and make them your own. Try to put your own spin on the topic, or you could share a new finding or statistic that readers will love and happily share.

4) Talk about your company

You might be thinking, “But Courtney, in past blogs, you told me never to talk about myself and focus on the customer.” Ok, you got me there. But I’m not saying you should share your whole life story, your favorite color and shoe size.

Instead, talk about your company’s past experiences working with customers and how you helped them overcome the same challenges your readers face today. You could even share a behind the scenes post, a recap of an industry event you attended, or the top takeaways from a popular conference. Whatever floats your customer’s boat.

5) Ask your audience

What better way to think of new blog ideas than going straight to the source? No one knows your prospects and customers better than themselves. You could post a tweet or send an email to your subscribers asking what they want more posts on.

If you have a huge following, you could even send out a survey using Survey Monkey or create your own if you have a design/dev team on hand or work with an inbound marketing agency. Even better, cut out the middleman and look at your blogging analytics to see what topics perform best.

For example, our blog and our clients’ blogs live in HubSpot. We simply pull up the metrics in HubSpot, see what blogs have the most views and best engagement and write on similar topics in the future. If you’re running low on time, you could repurpose high-performing, old yet evergreen content and republish it with updated, fresh statistics and insights.

Did we miss anything? How do you think of blog ideas when you’re in a blogging rut? Let us know in the comments below!

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