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There’s a rumor floating around that email marketing is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Marketers can still drive tangible results from email marketing. When done right, marketing emails can help your business increase brand awareness, generate more qualified leads and promote your latest marketing campaigns.


In 2014, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the US. In fact, 86% of US digital marketers use email marketing regularly.

The question is, are you communicating effectively or driving your contacts crazy? You don’t want to be “that business” contributing to the stress of email overload. Stop getting redirected to junk folders and send emails with purpose.

The goal here is to be informative, spark interest and motivate consumers to take action. Above all, you should be sending emails your subscribers actually want to read. Below are 9 types of emails that every marketer should be sending.

1) The Welcome Email

Who doesn’t love a warm welcome? The Welcome Email is an important first step towards building a relationship with new contacts, leads and customers. It’s the perfect opportunity to thank someone for taking action, whether that action is subscribing to your newsletter or blog, making their first purchase or downloading an offer.

Don’t just say thank you and peace out. This email is your chance to not only get your foot in the door, but open the door and leave it wide open.

Offer more information about your company, reward them with a promotional code, serve up relevant content or popular blog posts, or recommend products similar to the one they purchased.

Did they download your guide to launching a new website for startups? Then, they may be interested in your offer for driving more traffic (the right kind of traffic) to their website. Share it and let them know you thought it would help them.

The aim of this email is to engage the reader and lay the groundwork for a meaningful, trustworthy customer relationship. Make sure that your Welcome Email is personalized. An automated response does not make a good first impression. Address the person by first name and treat the email like a 1-to-1 conversation.

2) Lead Nurturing Email

Ok, someone just filled out a contact form and downloaded your new content offer. Now what? Don’t lose new leads by ignoring them. Send them more information that could answer their questions and help them solve the challenges they are currently facing.

The goal of The Lead Nurturing Email is to convert leads into customers by building trust and offering significant value. Think about their needs, interests and pain points. How will my product or services solve their problems? How will this white paper or guide make their lives easier?

The challenge: making sure your lead nurturing emails educate and inform rather than push for a sale. If a new lead thinks your email is too promotional or salesy, they could send it right to the trash bin. Keep your emails conversational and focus on “you” and “your” rather than “we” and “our.”

Appropriate timing is going to make the difference. Always consider where leads are in the buying process. Don’t send a product demo email to someone who is just realizing they have a problem and isn’t ready to purchase. Focus on sending the right email to the right person at the right time. A series of well-spaced emails, containing useful content, can inspire your lead to take the next step in the decision process.

3) The Promotional Email

Capture attention and entice readers to make a purchase. That is what The Promotional email is all about. A short, catchy and clear message may be all you need to create a sense of urgency and push readers to buy!

You could feature a brand new product, highlight seasonal finds or spotlight a product that needs some love and attention. Don’t hold back from using bold and colorful text, exciting images and attention-grabbing CTAs. At the same time, make sure your email isn’t lit up like a Christmas tree.

4) New Content Announcement Email

If you aren’t talking about your new content, who is? Get your contacts excited about your newest ebook, free trial, webinar or whatever is hot off the press, figuratively speaking.

The New Content Announcement Email works for your active customers as well as your recently acquired leads. It should describe what’s new, why it’s valuable and feature a hard-to-be-missed, compelling CTA. Always help your contacts navigate the buyer’s journey and keep them delighted with fresh content.

5) Digital Magazine or Newsletter

Brand awareness is essential to remaining competitive and relevant in your industry. Keep your company on the front burner by sharing the latest company news, upcoming events or a roundup of recent blog posts. The Digital Magazine or Newsletter Email will keep your contacts abreast of company and industry updates while building personal connections.

If your monthly or weekly newsletter (depending on your content output and activity) offers quality content on hot topics, your readers will start looking forward to reading it and keep your company top of mind.

6) Testimonial Email

Everyone deserves a chance to show off a job well-done. You can stay modest by letting someone else do the bragging for you.

The Testimonial Email puts your success on blast and increases your company’s credibility. Ask your salespeople for success stories or monitor positive mentions of your brand name or products on social media platforms. Then, reach out to these customers and ask for testimonials you can share through email and other marketing vehicles.

7) Educational Email

If you can teach your contacts something new about your product, service or industry, go for it! For example, Glassdoor, a job search and company review site, sends emails with interview tips and career resources. You can add a promotion to these types of emails, but it shouldn’t be the main focus.

The Educational Email can be your gateway to building trust and becoming a thought leader in your space. Make sure your information is accurate and relevant, however. Bad information, intentional or not, can seriously damage your business’s reputation.

8) Anniversary Emails

The importance of building brand loyalty and earning the trust of your customers cannot be stressed enough. Anniversary Emails celebrating holidays, birthdays, or an email subscriber’s signup date are all worth sending. This type of email should be personal and celebrate the reader, not your business. Consider sending a promotional code or rewarding loyal customers with a freebie.

9) Survey Email

What better way to evaluate your performance than hearing it straight from your customers? The Survey Email can help you create more effective, targeted marketing campaigns or improve your product offerings. Simply sending out a survey is not enough. Make sure you give your email recipients an incentive to participate like a promotional code.

The list of email types goes on and on. Explore which marketing email types work best for your business and use the above suggestions as a starting point. Email marketing is still a viable marketing tool, so don’t miss out on what email can do for you!

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