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To Heatmap or Not to Heatmap, That Isn’t the Question

You’ve spent time (and money) building a pretty awesome website. You’ve written all new content, integrated some fancy images, and decided to go with a unique form of navigation. You’re confident that your site is far superior to your competitors’ and that you’ll see leads and sales increase from its new design.

By Geoff Forman

Lead Generation lead scoring

How to Generate and Nurture a Qualified Lead?

While it's exciting to have a full pipeline of sales leads, it’s important to realize that not all of those leads will lead to a long term partnership and closed business. Yes, it’s critical to generate leads to sustain a prosperous business or career, but your focus needs to be on finding quality leads rather than finding lead quantity. Even more preferably of course, is finding a large quantity of qualified leads. That’s the proverbial golden goose of marketing and sales!   

By Geoff Forman

Inbound Marketing

Where Does SEO Fit In My Marketing Plan?

SEO - three letters that have instilled fear, confusion, and doubt on marketers everywhere. With a reputation ranging the gamut, from scam to gamechanger, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a topic that many still have difficulty understanding almost 20 years after the phrase was first coined.

By Geoff Forman

company culture

The Reason Your Corporate Mission Statement is Everything

In only a few words, can you describe your company’s culture? What’s your company’s personality like? What about its voice?

By Geoff Forman

5 Company Culture Examples Worth Sharing

Let’s face it - we’ve all had jobs we’ve truly enjoyed, and others that made us absolutely miserable. As the modern workplace has evolved, jobs have become more than just a paycheck, benefits, or labor. In order for employees to truly thrive in their profession, they must also appreciate and respect the company values, their co-workers and the awesome vibes in the work environment. And just as the talent pool of prospective employees increases each year, so do the number of companies trying to recruit those brilliant minds.