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5 Company Culture Examples Worth Sharing

Let’s face it - we’ve all had jobs we’ve truly enjoyed, and others that made us absolutely miserable. As the modern workplace has evolved, jobs have become more than just a paycheck, benefits, or labor. In order for employees to truly thrive in their profession, they must also appreciate and respect the company values, their co-workers and the awesome vibes in the work environment. And just as the talent pool of prospective employees increases each year, so do the number of companies trying to recruit those brilliant minds.

By Geoff Forman

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7 Website Maintenance Measures You Need To Take Seriously

A Successful Website Redesign Shouldn’t End With Launch

You’ve spent countless hours with your website developer to get your website ready for launch. Your team has reviewed and tweaked to the point of overkill. Finally, it’s ready for the world to see! The day the site goes live is like New Year’s Eve. You celebrate a new beginning, you tell everyone to check it out and maybe even pop open the bubbly!

By Geoff Forman

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5 Website Design Choices That Kill User Experience

Designing a new website can be like standing in front of a loaded buffet. The choices are plentiful and piling your plate with a little bit of everything seems like a wonderful idea. Your health-conscious judgement goes out the window because this delicious buffet has a hold on you - there is no control.