Rachel Schack

Rachel is an intern at Stratus Interactive interested in all things social media and digital marketing. She is receiving her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies with a Marketing concentration from West Chester University in May! She is a Jersey girl with a love for corgi puppies and traveling.

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By Rachel Schack

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4 Ways to Spread the Love to Your Customers This Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, anything associated with this holiday might make you wanna gag a little. All of those people on the obligatory February 14th dates, holding hands - yuck!! Or maybe you can’t wait to spend the day with that special someone and be all mushy-gushy together.

Regardless of whether you’re all coupled up, I have a newsflash coming your way. This holiday is no longer just about couples and lovey-dovey everything. It’s an ideal opportunity for everybody, including businesses, to celebrate love and appreciation too! Valentine’s Day is like a built-into-the-calendar excuse to show your customers how much you care for them.

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love our customers and so do you! Check out our 4 tips on how to spread the love this Valentine’s Day.