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Dedicated to processing the world's data, information and knowledge into captivating and, above all, productive visualizations, Stratus Interactive (Stratus) takes great pride ensuring the strategy and graphic design work behind our infographics will translate into increased engagement and conversions for our clients.

CoreDial has a unique offering that enables their channel partners to successfully sell, deliver, manage and invoice for cloud communications products and services through their feature rich, future proof, fully customizable SwitchConnex SaaS Platform. This disruptive business model can and will transform the cloud communications industry and Stratus has devoted itself to being a catalyst to their growth trajectory.

Explaining solutions in the telecommunications industry is complex. Words often need visual back up to create effective impact. As competition for prospects and new business becomes more intense, companies must focus their efforts on presenting their offerings more clearly and precisely. Uniting the company around a central, distinguishing message is paramount, and delivering that message consistently, over time, is what creating an infographic is all about.

The Challenge

CoreDial SwitchConnex Platform

CoreDial expressed to Stratus their challenge of creating the most efficient way to explain the power and control that SwitchConnex provides to their business, as well as customers. Not only is their platform and solution seemingly difficult to grasp, it’s extremely unique with virtually no “apples to apples” competitors or comparison. This is great for CoreDial’s competitive advantage but presents a marketing challenge. To showcase the solution CoreDial is working aggressively to perfect, Stratus embarked on the mission of creating three distinct infographics: Channel Optimized, How It Works For Our Channel Partners, and How It Works For Your Customers. Our goal was to emphasize the key message and characteristics that are unique to CoreDial and identify the core takeaway of their offerings. We wanted to ensure the infographic enabled anyone who described CoreDial, whether that be in a speech, brochure copy, sales meeting or just a one-on-one conversation, to do so easily.

The Specifics

CoreDial SwitchConnex

The Channel Optimized infographic explains how CoreDial, their channel partners and SMB customers fit into the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) ecosystem. Equally important, it explains CoreDial’s platform and services visually using service icons and platform illustration that we also use throughout CoreDial’s website and marketing materials. The channel partner and customer infographics give a more detailed look into the benefits delivered to each audience and how CoreDial can enable each to individually achieve their goals.

The designs we chose to implement are visually simple, keeping the focus on the process we’re explaining. To keep the user experience consistent throughout, we used a bright color palette and icon set that CoreDial also uses in other MarCom initiatives. The designs themselves are largely flat with very juicy colors and slight shading to give the infographics more dimension and life. All three use bending ribbon shapes, arrows, and circles for a consistent visual communication across the brand. These infographics scream user-friendly because they concisely and easily explain a one-of-a-kind solution that motivates the desire to learn more.

The Success

Our infographic efforts for CoreDial were successful because they overcame one the company’s most massive challenges—how to accurately but simply articulate the tremendous opportunity, profit and value a partner can achieve by leveraging CoreDial’s platform. Now prospects, partners, employees, and analysts can easily understand and repeat this message—something that could never be done consistently or even at all before the infographics were created. This helps all parties sell more easily. Without hesitation, Stratus asserts the success of these infographics and the significant impact they’ve made on CoreDial’s internal and external communications as well as culture.  With such a unique solution, they needed a unique way of explaining to prospects the benefits of their offering. With the help of Stratus’ infographics, prospects no longer have to dig through endless pages of content to obtain answers to their most simple questions.

Check them out: 

The Channel Optimized

The Channel Optimized

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) are technologies your SMB customers want and need, and they want UCaaS from a trusted advisor—YOU. CoreDial’s Channel Partner Program is designed to provide a high degree of incentive and support for partners as they incorporate these services into their offerings. You own the customer, set the prices and brand it as your own— with profit margins up to 65% versus the industry average of 19%. 

How It Works For Our Channel Partners

How It Works For Our Channel Partners

MSPs, VARs, and IT Solutions Providers can leverage CoreDial’s proven cloud platform to transform their business into a recurring revenue machine. With CoreDial, you get proven software and services—all of which enable the fastest time to market, positive cash flows, and margins up to 65% on a high quality, feature-rich platform.

How It Works For Your Customers

How It Works For Your Customers

With CoreDial, and our SwitchConnex platform, you get a service delivery platform branded as your own, as well as the ability to bill your customers for broadband and PSTN services.With no hardware or software to buy, we enable our partners with the ability to private label our platform while selling, delivering, managing, and invoicing for unified communication capabilities to your end user customers.

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