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Gimmicks are attractive to us humans, because they appear to offer an easy way out. Driving web traffic is a complicated and ongoing process, so when someone comes along saying “Hey, just do this one thing, and people will flock to your site,” it’s a relief. The problem is, many of these suggested tweaks and tricks are not cure-alls for all your traffic issues - and treating them like they are means you’re essentially ignoring a problem that still exists.  

We’ve sniffed out some of the worst offenders, and we recommend you steer clear of...Stratus-Blog-Clickbait

Clickbait Headlines

She Thought That The Title of Her Blog Needed a Change - You Won’t Believe What She Chose…
In The First Paragraph, I Was Introduced to Their Product - By the Fifth Paragraph, I Was in Tears…

Demanding your readers click through in order to find out the rest of your “amazing” content might work once - especially if it is really amazing - but you might also might be recognized for this behavior by a different name: teasing. Clickbait headlines have become their own punchline. Readers might have been enthralled by them since 2012, but in the intervening years, everyone has caught on to how annoying they are.

People don’t actually like clicking on links without knowing what they’re committing to. That’s how viruses get launched, and how identities get stolen. Your website shouldn’t be operating on the same, shady premise as malware. You’re better than that!

Using the Comments Section of Other Sites to Post Your Link

Hey Marie, great article. This reminds me of a time I was struggling with the same issue. Check out the crazy story over at

Two things:

  1. If you are doing this personally, by hand, you sound like a robot.
  2. If you are actually using a bot program to do this, then you technically are a robot

 Do you personally enjoy interacting with robots in your day-to-day life? Okay then. Neither do your readers.

And wait a minute, these aren’t even your readers in the first place! They’re someone else’s readers, and you’re trying to steal them or piggyback off of their SEO. While it’s true that the world of social selling and online marketing can be cut-throat, you still don’t want to announce yourself as a bad guy right up front.

Keyword Stuffing

I remember the first time I tried using keywords. I would put the keywords into nearly every sentence. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “Keywords are great!” I should use keywords all the time. Keywords.

Keywords are an important tool you can use to generate website traffic, but this tactic is ripe for abuse. Two mentions of your keyword are a great way to make sure Google points readers to your content. 27 mentions is a great way to sound like a desperate, spammy content-generation program.

Give your readers a little credit. They know when you’re doing this, and they don’t appreciate it. Get comfortable with fewer uses and post good content. The likes and shares will follow.  

Hammering Your Contacts With Tons of Emails

  • Today Only! 20% Off Sale! - Monday
  • Loyal Customers - Check Out Our New Product Demo! - Tuesday
  • Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Webinar! - Wednesday
  • Surprise! Take Advantage Of This Free Guide. - Thursday
  • Are You Using Our Awesome New Product? - Friday

Yes, people signed up to be on your email list because they want to be kept informed of new offers and educational materials. However, after a week of watching subject lines like the ones above pile up, it becomes apparent that there are no “great deals” - there’s just spam.


If you do plan to email your lists daily, because the nature of your business warrants it, be sure you let your subscribers know that they’re signing up for a daily newsletter, as opposed to the more vague “mailing list”. Otherwise, less is more. You can absolutely pester someone into unsubscribing, and in some cases, that might happen in only a matter of days. Be respectful of your contacts’ time, and don’t continually make them feel “monetized”.

Splitting Up Simple Content Across Several Pages

The more you’re able to generate website traffic, the more you’re able to promote other content throughout your website via call-to-action buttons. This is an accepted reality of web surfing, and most readers are willing to tolerate additional CTA buttons here and there in exchange for content they enjoy reading. But this? This is just cheating. You know it, and your readers know it.

Be careful about turning your website into an ad-revenue generation process, instead of a focused lead-generation process. Each click requires a new page load, each page load comes with new content to download and process. Your readers will only have to experience that nightmare once before filing your site away under “never again.”

Did we just put all your favorite “tricks” on blast? Don’t despair! You can still drive loads of website traffic - all it takes is a little elbow grease, and a little direction. Stratus has a free roadmap showing how we used blogging (like this!) to attract new leads and generate more traffic. If you’re interested in finding out more, go check it out!

New Call-to-action

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