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By Jenna Enright

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5 Content Marketing Elements Even More Important than Writing

Okay, my fellow wordsmiths, we need to admit that writing is overrated. Yes, I know, I hate to say it too. As a content writer, of course I want my job to be the most important part. But the truth is, writing is a small cog in the content creation machine.

Sometimes, we forget that other inbound marketing elements can speak too (and dare I say, their voice is just as, if not more, important??).

By Courtney Feairheller

Content Creation

How to Stay Motivated & Write Compelling Content Every Day

Writing is never easy. Writing original, compelling and thought-provoking content every day - that’s even more challenging.

But, if you’re an email, social media and content marketer like myself, writing isn’t optional. You need to write, and you need to write often. Emails, social media, white papers, guides, blogs…you have to keep up a steady stream of writing to stay competitive in a fast-paced atmosphere.

By Amanda Nickels

Your Product vs. Your Content Marketing Efforts

What Comes First, Product Development or Content Marketing? 

Robert Wynne once said, “The goals of Content Marketing are to: Build relationships with existing clients, attract new customers, demonstrate benefits, tell interesting stories about your brand, appear in search engines and increase web traffic.”

By Matt Burke

Inbound Marketing Tips: How To Get Featured On Slideshare

Slideshare may be new to the game, but the value offered through this social platform is through the roof, especially if the presentation you create is valuable, organized, and provides your viewers with quality content to engage.

By Matt Burke

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4 Ways To Crush Content Marketing Competition

Content marketing might sound easy enough, but it’s often used in parts and pieces, which can be harmful to your overall marketing strategy. You constantly hear tales of other companies using content marketing to improve their reach and increase their quality leads—and how content marketing can cost 62% less than traditional marketing solutions while generating up to 3x as many leads.