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By Jen Laverty

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Use These 4 Tools to Generate Better Content Marketing Ideas

You’re hosting a dinner party, and you decide to put your baking skills to the test and wow your guests with a mouth-watering cake for dessert. You put hours of time into perfecting your dessert 一 selecting the prizewinning recipe, shopping for the finest ingredients, carefully measuring out them out, combining the essentials, and finally popping it into the oven.

The cake cools, and you artfully frost it with your homemade dark chocolate icing. As the evening draws to a close, you rave about the soon-to-be cut Triple Chocolate Cake, only to discover none of your party guests like chocolate (what are the chances?!). You’re left wondering, “How could this possibly have happened?”

By Lisa McDermott

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How to Extend the Life of Your Content Marketing

Think back to a time when you explored the dark, dusty corners of an attic, a basement or wherever you store your long-forgotten keepsakes and household items. You may have stumbled upon a veritable treasure trove of sentimental and useful artifacts just waiting to be discovered, repurposed and used again.

Content marketing is similar (but, thankfully, without the cobwebs and creepy crawlies). When you invest so much time and resources into creating content, the last thing you want is for that content to sit in a neglected corner of the internet. Why not take those forgotten stories off the shelf, dust them off and breathe new life into them just as you would an old picture frame or a cracked plate?

By Jen Laverty

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The 5 Steps to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

For memorial day weekend I wrote about my alter ego as a soldier in the Army National Guard. If you remember that, great (and thank you for reading!), if you don’t, now you know.

About halfway through Basic Combat Training, we went to the thick Missouri woods where we would stay for 3 nights. My battle buddy and I were given the mission to dig a trench for two, and to use our ponchos, sticks, and rocks to make a tent.

Because (if you can believe it) I’m the least outdoorsy person I know, I severely lacked the necessary skills to build a strong, sufficient shelter. I did my best and created a haphazard, pathetic excuse of a tent. Sure, it sagged in the middle and you couldn’t really sit up under it, but mission accomplished. 

By Amanda Nickels

Your Product vs. Your Content Marketing Efforts

What Comes First, Product Development or Content Marketing? 

Robert Wynne once said, “The goals of Content Marketing are to: Build relationships with existing clients, attract new customers, demonstrate benefits, tell interesting stories about your brand, appear in search engines and increase web traffic.”

By Amanda Nickels

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Marketing To Consumers - Why They Are In Control

Why You Need To Re-evaluate How You Are Marketing To Consumers

It’s not news the Internet has changed the buyer behavior, empowering them with more and more information at the tip of their fingers. Consumers are ultimately in control of what, how, when and where they peruse content. Constant connectivity, contextual relevance and a multi-screen world are changing both online and offline shopping, and because of this, consumers no longer see a distinction between the two.