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By Lisa McDermott

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10 Tips For Developing a Millennial-Friendly Website

The Millennials Are Here, What Now?

Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in 2015, known to some as yesteryear or the olden days. But alas, we're resurfacing this topic because millennials continue to add incredibly complex and exciting dynamics to the workforce and consumer population, and any business who hopes to attract millennial talent or customers must devote some strategic brainpower to how their website and marketing strategy appeals to this massive segment of the population.

To sell to any audience, you first need to understand them. Analyzing how they think, act and purchase is only one piece of the puzzle to finding new opportunities for engagement. This is especially true when targeting millennials.

By Jenna Enright

Inbound Marketing

Your Favorite Stratus Blogs of 2017

Say what you will about 2017, no one will deny it was an eventful year. It was certainly one for the books for Stratus Interactive, as we were named to the Inc. 5000 list for the first time (and certainly not the last)!

Part of our literal award-winning strategy is to serve up interesting and educational content each and every week on the topic of inbound marketing, and we blogged our fingers off in 2017!

Now, as we get 2018 up and running, we’re taking time to look back at everything in 2017 that we found blog-worthy, and all the blogs you found read-worthy.

Spoiler alert: in 2017, readers were most interested in corporate and marketing lifestyle, social media, lead generation, and web design.

And now, without further ado, here are our top 7 blogs of 2017 for your perusing pleasure.

By Jenna Enright

Inbound Marketing

5 Reasons Why Santa Claus is a Master of Inbound Marketing

Happy ho-ho-holidays everyone!

Since I’ve been writing weekly blogs about inbound marketing, I’ve started to see it everywhere.

And I mean...everywhere. Like, even in places you’d never expect. The truth is, if you look for it, too, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that inbound marketing, actually, is all around. Sometimes, where you’d least expect it.

You know what I’ve realized in the wake of my holiday season merriment? Santa Claus is a gosh darn master of inbound marketing! (I gotta watch my language if I want to stay on the nice list this year).

Now before you click away or start leaving me comments that I should lay off the eggnog (never!), hear me out.

Below are 5 Reasons Why Santa Claus is a Master of Inbound Marketing

By Aimee English

Inbound Marketing

4 Snapchat Tools That Boost Audience Engagement

Having a social media strategy is one of the keys to effective inbound marketing, and in the quickly changing digital world, we have more options than ever to attract, convert, close, and delight our customers.

Recently, we talked about Pinterest as a means to increase B2B and B2C marketing results, but today we’re here to discuss another social media super power: Snapchat.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it, or at least you’ve seen pictures of people with those cute puppy dog filters over their faces. Well, now it’s so much more than just that. The latest update, coming out just last week, “separates the social from the media.”

By Aimee English

How an Internship Helped Me Start My Inbound Marketing Career

I may have a different story than the typical intern – I’m not a college student doing this for class credit. In fact, I’m a college graduate hoping for a career change, currently working three jobs and completing an internship to gain some hands-on experience. I know it sounds crazy. Trust me, it feels crazy, too! But it’s all worth it. Let me tell you why.