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By Rachel Schack

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4 Ways to Spread the Love to Your Customers This Valentine’s Day

If you’re single, anything associated with this holiday might make you wanna gag a little. All of those people on the obligatory February 14th dates, holding hands - yuck!! Or maybe you can’t wait to spend the day with that special someone and be all mushy-gushy together.

Regardless of whether you’re all coupled up, I have a newsflash coming your way. This holiday is no longer just about couples and lovey-dovey everything. It’s an ideal opportunity for everybody, including businesses, to celebrate love and appreciation too! Valentine’s Day is like a built-into-the-calendar excuse to show your customers how much you care for them.

Roses are red, violets are blue, we love our customers and so do you! Check out our 4 tips on how to spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

By Jenna Enright

Marketing Tips

These 5 Productivity Hackers Will Start Your New Year Off Right

Happy January, everyone!

That’s right, it’s that time of the year when gym gets extra crowded until mid-February.

It's also the time of resolving to better ourselves. In my own experience of goal chasing, I've found that the difference between success and failure often comes down to time management. So, I did some research into tools to help me schedule my time more efficiently, prioritize smarter, and hold myself accountable. And, I must say, I found some gems.

Many of the tools I found have a practical personal and professional use, and are ideal for busy marketing professionals looking to add some manageability and structure to their long to-do lists.

By Jenna Enright

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Top 3 Free Brainstorming Tools You Need to be Using Right Now

Okay content writers, UX/UI designers, web developers, and other professional thinkers, raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by your own ideas.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, myself included. Not knowing what to write for this blog post is exactly how I ended up with this topic, actually.

By Lisa McDermott

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Top 7 Marketing Blogs You Need to Be Reading

It goes without saying that marketers must do their research and read marketing literature if they want to develop successful campaigns. How else will they stay on top of marketing trends? But with so many marketing blogs and resources to choose from online, it can be difficult identifying which ones best meet your business’s marketing needs.

We asked our team of experts where they go to read up on the latest digital marketing updates. Keep reading to see what they had to say and add these top 7 marketing blogs to your daily reading routine.

By Judy Norkin

Marketing Tips

Four Ways to Disconnect From Technology

By now it’s no secret that most of us spend more time staring at screens than is good for us. Researchers have confirmed what most of us intuitively know — excessive tech use atrophies the brain’s frontal lobe and shrinks the outermost area of the brain, the region controlling how we process information. If that isn’t bad enough, the neurological changes can alter how we regulate emotion and pay attention, which negatively affects our social interactions.

Our team here at Stratus (all of whom are obsessed with tech toys and tools) are frequent users of technology. It’s a digital agency — it’s what we do. But we also cultivate the art of disconnecting. A (very unscientific) survey of our team showed most of us attain a state of non-digital bliss away from technology by doing something physically active like exercise or housework. Other favored remedies for tech overload were spending time with family, friends, and pets. Some preferred more extreme measures like “accidentally” losing their phone or turning off all notifications and leaving the country.