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By Courtney Feairheller


5 Reasons Your SEO Campaign Isn't Working (And What to Do About It)

Back in its infancy, search engine optimization (SEO) meant over-optimizing or stuffing as many keywords as possible on your webpages. SEO has come a long way since then.

By Courtney Feairheller

Inbound Marketing SEO

3 Secrets to Selecting Highly Effective SEO Keywords

Google handles at least 2 trillion searches each year. How can you rise above the noise and achieve high rankings in organic search results?

By Lisa McDermott

Close More Sales with Inbound Marketing, SEO and a Website Redesign

It’s 9:30am. I’m sitting at my desk with a hot cup of coffee, Spotify playlist ready to rock, about to begin writing a new eBook for one of our inbound marketing clients. I’m feeling pretty good about the day - I got to work early enough to wade through 24 emails I received since I woke up and now I’m ready to be productive. And, I need to be because starting at noon, I’m in back-to-back meetings the rest of the day. Just as I complete the intro paragraph, my office line rings. My gut tells me not to answer - it’s probably just a sales call - but what if it’s a client emergency? What if it’s my husband calling from out of town? What if it’s Amazon customer service needing info to process the order I placed last night (I NEED those new tempered glass iPhone screen covers ASAP because my two-year old daughter dropped my iPhone on the fireplace last night and cracked the case).

By Lisa McDermott

SEO web traffic

These 5 Things Don’t Generate Web Traffic, So Stop Wasting Your Time!

Gimmicks are attractive to us humans, because they appear to offer an easy way out. Driving web traffic is a complicated and ongoing process, so when someone comes along saying “Hey, just do this one thing, and people will flock to your site,” it’s a relief. The problem is, many of these suggested tweaks and tricks are not cure-alls for all your traffic issues - and treating them like they are means you’re essentially ignoring a problem that still exists.  

By Amanda Nickels

Lead Generation SEO Mobile Marketing

Is The New Google SEO Update Affecting Your Ranking?

How To Stay Competitive In Mobile Search

Have you noticed a significant drop in traffic since April 21st? If your website isn’t mobile-friendly (aka responsive), then you most certainly are seeing a downward trend! Google defines the true meaning of a mobile-friendly site as: