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By Emmett Hughes

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9 Inbound Marketing Tips You Need To Know For 2015

The new year is coming and like most business owners you’re probably already thinking about how you can boost your business to the next level in 2015. It starts by making sure that you’re providing value and putting out the right information for your prospective customers. This includes making sure that you’re giving them the information they want in the right format, at the right time and in the right place.

That’s where a strong inbound marketing strategy comes into the picture. Here are 9 tips that you can use to get your started before the ball drops!


By Emmett Hughes

3 Keyword Development Tools That Will Make You a Better Inbound Marketer

By Matt Burke

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How Does Google's Algorithm Affect Your SEO? [Infographic]

Everyone uses Google. Or, anyone who would use Google, uses Google. It doesn’t matter how many celebrities say they use Bing, or how many ads Yahoo publishes about having more brand traffic—Google is the leading search engine, and for good reason.

By Emmett Hughes

How To Turn Keyword Development Into Increased Sales

How much is a keyword worth to your business? It’s an arbitrary question, but one that must be answered. If you own an online clothing store do you make more money from customers searching “blue jeans” or “white shirts?”

By Emmett Hughes

Why We Love Search Experience Optimization (And Why You Should, Too!)

Search engine optimization has been a buzzword in the marketing industry for many years now. The word can mean many different things depending on who you ask. For Inbound marketers, there has been a call to change the name entirely, from SEO to SXO (or Search Experience Optimization). The latter being far more accurate if you ask me.