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By Geoff Forman

To Heatmap or Not to Heatmap, That Isn’t the Question

You’ve spent time (and money) building a pretty awesome website. You’ve written all new content, integrated some fancy images, and decided to go with a unique form of navigation. You’re confident that your site is far superior to your competitors’ and that you’ll see leads and sales increase from its new design.

By Lisa McDermott

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Does Your Website User Experience Ruin (or Help) Your Brand?

Your website is 5 years old. Cutting-edge at the time, it’s now a relic of design trends past. Mobile friendly? Not even close! User friendly? Ehh. Search Engine Optimized? Yes (but uh, using the finest in SEO tactics from half a decade ago). But it does have one thing going for it - some pretty awesome Flash animations!