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By Jenna Enright

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6 Reasons to Migrate Your Website to HubSpot

Your website is the center of all your marketing and sales efforts. It should be working for you 24/7—educating your prospects, generating qualified leads, and converting those leads into customers. But if you’re hosting your website on an overly complex, outdated platform, it can’t perform to the best of its ability.

If you want to maximize your website’s potential, you need an all-in-one, easily accessible platform designed for dynamic and customizable websites. The good news is that platform exists, and its name is HubSpot.

By Courtney Feairheller

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4 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

When lead generation and conversion rates suffer, us marketers typically look to our content, SEO or marketing strategy. But what about your website design?

Website design plays a critical role in the continued success and survival of your business. But it often gets lost in all the social media/email/content/SEO/video marketing hullabaloo.

By Courtney Feairheller

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4 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s only natural. Over the course of your life, you’re going to miss crucial work deadlines, forget your significant other’s birthday (good luck making up for that one), and send texts to the wrong person (always makes for an awkward situation). Humans are imperfect; there’s no getting around it.

By Lisa McDermott

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6 Signs It’s Time to Give Your Website a Redesign

Let’s get real. Anytime you have a burning question you need answered, or you want to research a company or product, where’s the first place you go? All together now…the Internet. The Internet has become our one and only source of knowledge about anything and everything. We’ve come a very long way in a short amount of time, and keeping up with the Joneses (should we change this to the Jetsons?) can be difficult at times.

By Geoff Forman

To Heatmap or Not to Heatmap, That Isn’t the Question

You’ve spent time (and money) building a pretty awesome website. You’ve written all new content, integrated some fancy images, and decided to go with a unique form of navigation. You’re confident that your site is far superior to your competitors’ and that you’ll see leads and sales increase from its new design.