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By Amanda Nickels

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Website Redesign vs. Growth-Driven Design - What You Need to Know

What’s The Deal With Growth-Driven Design Websites?

In the past, website redesign projects almost always followed the same trajectory.

  • Spend countless hours internally compiling the ideal list of features and functions the site MUST have
  • Research the best agencies, then request and review their proposals
  • Spend at least three months buried in wireframe, UX, and design reviews/approvals and ultimately, testing (you can’t forget about the testing!)
  • Launch a beautiful design with all the bells and whistles you think your audience wants

Sound familiar? If you’ve launched a new website in the past few years, we bet it does.

By Matt Burke

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The Worst Website Mistakes Clients Continue To Make

Take a seat with our Lead Front End Developer, Jeff Aspenburg as he discusses the four most common web design mistakes he runs into on a regularly basis. And if you’re guilty of any, no worries! We can help set your website straight. Let’s dive in.

By Emmett Hughes

4 Responsive Design Questions Your Boss Wants To Know

By now, every CEO should know the basic premise behind responsive design. Responsive design ensures that your website will display an optimal experience to your customer in accordance with the device they’re using. This definition sets the framework for responsive design, but it does not answer all of the questions one may have about this growing website necessity. 

By Emmett Hughes

Swing For The Fences With Your Off-Page SEO Strategy

We're all familiar with the on-page seo best practices and most of these techniques have become second nature to marketers and business owners alike. Title tag, meta descriptions, content structuring and image alt tags have become office chatter regulars in 2014. But while these techniques are tried and true, off-page SEO strategies continue to shift and sway as the algorithms developed by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others undergo routine changes. Let’s grab hold of some of the most important off-page factors of your 2014 SEO strategy.

By Matt Burke

website design and development

Website Design + Marketing: Why Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

A website can be pretty, but it’s main job is to be useful. It’s the age-old debate of form versus function, and there are endless scenarios where a single strategy isn’t working toward the desired results. However, in the case of most business websites, function is the primary concern. Think about it: you could redesign your ho-hum site into an visual masterpiece, complete with parallax scrolling, cutting edge typography, tiles, and more—but is the site generating leads? Is it helping you close sales? Is it providing a positive image for your overall brand? Because if it isn’t doing any of these things, it doesn’t matter how nice it looks—its failing. No worries though, we’re here to push you in the right direction.