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Pinterest has a bit of a reputation for being rife with complicated DIY craft projects you’ll inevitably fail to recreate (and then post on Twitter). Or, it’s known as somewhere women can plan their dream weddings. Or, mothers can gather ideas for time-consuming healthy meal recipes they’ll never actually get around to making.

Well, here’s the reality: Pinterest is so much more than a DIY-dreamer’s platform. It’s a force to be reckoned with as a tool for bold and effective inbound marketing.

Notable brands such as Etsy, Bank of America, Nordstrom, and Lowe's have increased conversion rates using Pinterest as part of their marketing campaigns. And I’m here to tell you that you can do this too!

3 Reasons Why Pinterest is Essential For Your Inbound Marketing EffortsI’ve recently become obsessed with the potential of Pinterest, so this probably won’t be the last post you see from me on this topic. Consider this more of an introduction to the power of Pinterest to influence buyers.

Here’s a quick overview of the 3 reasons why Pinterest can add power and results to your inbound marketing efforts.

1) Pinterest will increase your brand awareness

If you’re not familiar with how Pinterest works from a business’ perspective, I’ll break it down for you. Essentially, what you do, is create a gorgeous, well-designed image, called a “Pin,” and post it to your company's Pinterest page. You can organize it into boards based on category or idea as well.

From there, businesses can wait for pins to be discovered organically in searches or on the home screen, or they can purchase a promoted pin (like a Facebook Ad) to appear on more pages and in more searches.

Not only that, but 72% of Pinners say that Pinterest introduces them to new brands and services. 150 million users spanning coveted age and income demographics access the site each month, voluntarily and actively hoping to discover new ideas. That’s an enormous opportunity for brand exposure and recognition!

For added lift and results, social media sharing magic gives your brand ample opportunity to be discovered without you doing any extra work! People can add pins from anywhere online with the browser button installed, meaning people who discover your content online can easily pin it. These pins can then be re-pinned by others, growing your brand’s reach without you having to do a thing! Maybe it’s not true “magic,” but getting something for nothing kinda' feels that way!

2) Pinterest will increase website traffic

Consider this: Pinterest is responsible for 5% of all referral traffic, the number two source of referrals after Facebook.

That’s because every pin includes a link to the original source. Think of a pin as a preview. Users see something they like or want to learn more about and then have to go to the original source to learn more. This gets consumers on your site, viewing your valuable and engaging content, and improving your click through rate.  Added bonus: Google loves high click through rates and relevant, quality backlinks to your site so this helps your company’s organic search ranking!    

3) Pinterest will help your conversion rate

Pinterest advertises itself as a marketing tool that’s great for any step of the buyer’s journey.

In the awareness stage, it acts as a hub of ideas. People use Pinterest for ideas and inspiration (think planning giveaways and promo items for a tradeshow, t-shirt design, and slogans for a company retreat or charity 5K, and yes of course, planning a wedding). 88% of pinners say that they find new ideas on Pinterest. And, I’ll mention it again, 72% of pinners thank Pinterest for introducing them to new brands or products.

In the consideration stage, Pinterest introduces buyers to a solution. Brands get to be thought leaders on Pinterest because people are on the site specifically to discover and learn. When they click on your pin promising to teach them how to do something or provide ideas to solve a need, they’re already a willing and receptive audience.

In the decision stage, Pinterest allows users to make boards of all of their new ideas, and decide which one is most worthwhile. In fact, 93% of pinners say that they use Pinterest to plan purchases, and 87% of pinners say they bought something because of Pinterest.

That’s my general overview for why you should be using Pinterest to help your business grow. There’s so much more ground to cover, so I’ll be back with more later. One of my next blogs will specifically focus on how B2B companies are using Pinterest as marketing gold! But first, take a moment to digest this quote from Pinterest for Business. I think it does a nice job of summarizing my entire post:

“Your Pins help our audience understand what your brand stands for and how it can fit into their lives.”

So get out there and tap into that golden Pinterest potential. It’s waiting for you!


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